dinsdag 26 januari 2010


While staying in Purworejo, the production team tried to locate the last African descendants who are the children of the late Eveline Sujarno, a granddaughter of African soldier Gerrit Artz. After asking around in the former kampung Afrikan, the Setyobudi family came to the rescue. Their son Emmanuel offered to contact Sumara Sujarno who lives in the desa of Lugosobo near Purworejo. Riding his cool motorbike, Emmanuel dropped off the team one by one at the wooden house of Sumara and her husband Pak Pun. After an initial shy reaction, the ice was broken when photographer Armando joined the conversation by responding ' Saya masih bujang'. The portrait he made of Sumara shows her as a Black Madonna, posing with her youngest child Deno.


saya masih bujang - I'm still single

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Bianca zei

Hi Griselda,
This is fabulous work you are doing and I look forward to your book.
Bianca from Seattle