woensdag 20 januari 2010


The second and last interview in Bandung took place with Ivonne Hasania, daughter of the late Johanna Stap. Ivonne's great-grandfather is African soldier Govert Stap who was born in 1837 in the the northern region of Ghana. In 1862, he enlisted in the Dutch Indies army and settled in the garrison town of Soerakarta (Solo) after his military career. Govert Stap's son Albinus also joined the KNIL army; his daughter Johanna grew up in Purworejo and Solo and married David Hasania, an Indonesian policeman. Because Johanna was the only daughter of Albinus and Maria Stap, her parents decided to stay in the new republic of Indonesia and became Indonesian citizens. Johanna Stap, who passed away in 2006, lost contact with her family when they moved to The Netherlands and sometimes felt lonely, being the only descendant of soldier Stap left in Indonesia when her parents died. After the interview, a visit was paid to the Pandu cemetery where Ivonne's mother Johanna is buried together with her grandparents Albinus and Maria Stap.

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govertstap zei

I am the greatgranddaughter of Aboe Mohamed Stap. A couple of years ago i was trying to find my family in Indonesia 'Toetie'Hasania,had contact with the ambassee etc..but unfortunatly she is past away...
But therefor i am glad that this book came out. Maybe i can come in contact with the family in Indonesie. If any one read this, please send me a message.

Dordrecht, the Netherlands

bosma zei

Some of the names I've been ready above, reminds me of the stories I'Ve been hearing about my husbands relatives in Indonesia.
My husband is a grandson of Wilhem Dieker en Serini Soemotenojo, the left Indonesia in the early 50's.